Google Earth Instructional Video Series

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Feb 6, 2015
I just finished a video series on Google Earth (GE) and how I use it to help me to effectively scout.  I know there are several threads on Google Earth already, but hopefully these videos are helpful.  Thought I would share considering spring fever is right around the corner.

Episode 1: Settings and Overview
Episode 2: Layers/Overlays (Topo and Property Boundary)
Episode 3: Effective GE Scouting

Here is a link:
Marcus, This was very cool of you to share. I was just scoping out G/E yesterday after months of being away. It is an incredible tool.

Have a super Fall.
I will check this out! I was just discussing Google Earth for scouting with cowboystl1. Anything that'll give me an advantage before heading to Colorado in September.

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