Great exercise to prep for hiking. Yup. HIKING


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Aug 6, 2017
mid year!

Yesterday I did a hike with friends. I brought my weighted hunt pack. The trail is called Sea to Sky.

We did a portion. 10 ugly miles. Climbed 1870 feet. Man I feel it.

Today, jumped on my bike just to loosen up sore joints. My ride was sloooow. But great.

On a side note. My Garmin Instinct watch is awesome. Tracks my progress and stats. And I can glance at my wrist when I get a text message. No more stopping to check my phone. It?s a great feature when I have one due out for work emergency texts.

Back on topic. Hiking with a weighted pack is a great prep. Works muscles younforget you have.


Jun 13, 2017
Sounds like you had some fun!
I've added in weighted hikes too just because there is a major difference body weight verse an additional 30-40 lbs. Let alone a fully weighted down one with elk meat ;)