Grow up and stop the high school mentality


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Jan 23, 2013
I noticed at a lot of the archery shoots and in archery shops there is an attitude, " that if we don't know you. You don't know anything about archery" I see this alot in our local area. They will barely speek to you and if the do Its very superficial. Seems to be in a certain age group. Here is a tip for anyone who acts like this, "Don't". You could learn a lot from some of the older shooters and hunters out there. I have actually seen shops go out of business for this reason. If you make movies or are in TV shows, this does not make you better than anyone else. As hunters or Archery hunters we need to stand together and learn from all in the industry. You will never know everything. I
Well said!!  And I echo your words.  We would all do well to be open to those around us.  I would even broaden this to those we may encounter on the mtn. 
Stopped in a local archery shop some years back,  out of the three employs that were working they were all with a guy shooting a new Mathews bow.  I rounded up around $150.00 worth of stuff and set it on the counter.  They would look over there shoulder at me but not giveme the time of day.  So in a nice loud voice I proceeded to say, well I guess my money's no good here and left.  Since then that shop has been closed for a few years now.  You have a good point.
Someone said it in another thread, just because you can work on bows doesn't mean you should own a bow shop. I have been lucky so far with everyone I have met who shoots, hunts or works on bow. All have been nice and helpful.
I actually get better service from cabelas or from sportsmans. Usually its the other way around, you have to go to a local mom and pop shop for good service. What happened to customer service?
One of the local shops has become like that, it is almost like an exclusive club, that if you are not in there every day B.Sing, you are a lower priority.
The reality is the guys who are there every day are there to B.S. But when I stop it is to  buy something, but can't get any service. I really want to support them b/c they really support youth outdoor education and events, but the service really stinks.
kikinhorse I am very sadden to hear this! Local archery shops should support people who are interested and have a passion for archery! You would think it would be good for the business also! So sorry to hear!
I agree. I'm a "young" buck and really like talking to some of the more experienced hunters. They have a lot of good advice and who doesn't like to share stories and wisdom?
I agree with whats being said here, however I must acknowledge that I learn a lot from the younger hunters also. Its like all these new IPADS, TWITTING, TEXTING,etc......
The young people learn and adapt to the new technology at a greater speed than me. It may be that I have found what works and have no need or desire to change. But young people are eager to learn the new stuff and are willing to teach the older ones willing to learn.
I had a young man in my truck the other day and he looked at my window crank and asked what it was. I told him it rolled the window up and down, which he replied "Cool". I got a laugh out of that one. He can probably program a computer.
My father-in-law and I stopped going to a shop back home in Missouri due to this exact thing.  My f-i-l had spent t-h-o-u-s-a-n-d-s there and the owner finally dropped the straw that broke the camel's back.  He went to talking down to us as if we were dumb, in front of people.  We just walked out and never went back.
I find its not just an age barrier ,its just some people are good at their job and enjoy it and some just want a pay check and will do as little work as posible to get it.When im looking for advice like Ioften do (never to old to learn new things)Iwant to know why this or that is better not its better cause I said so,that dosent help me.I have had people actually tell me to buy somthing from a competitor because they had something that would work better for me than what they had.Now that is what I call service.Quality service is still out there if you look for it.
ooohhh yeah!  i can agree with this topic.  stopped in at a local shop to get a new string and tune my bow (the shop was recommended by several archers), but the owner wasn't in and his son was running the shop.  this kid was arrogant and as unhelpful as he could possibly be. 
i was able to have a little fun with him though.  after about 60 arrows down range i called him over and asked him to take a look at my bow because it seemed like the draw weight was way to light (i shoot 80 lb limbs).  so he tries his hardest to draw my bow and can't get it to budge (he takes it in back and measures it at 80 lbs)... oops, sorry man, guess i don't know my own strength  :)
I've seen some dandies working zt archery shops for sure. One time at scheels, I saw a kid trying to tie in a peep for a guy, but was struggling with getting the serving thru the orface in the peep!
Start a club bow shop buy a press arrow saw and a few other need tools. There is always someone in your club that can teach how to with a bow. Then you don't have to wait for the pro shop. You can learn alot from you tube.
I have been lucky to find a shop that treats everyone equal and will help you till you no longer need it. I went in to this shop and told them what I was lookin for and what they recommended. That even to time to help me paper tune it and gave me tips on how to be a better shooter.  I will always go back to that bow shop.