Heads Up or Montana decoy?


New member
Jan 17, 2013
If you use a decoy for elk hunting the back country, or if you would use one, would you carry a full size decoy like the Montana decoy or the smaller, lighter Heads Up decoy? Has anybody tried both and noticed any comparable difference success wise?
Heads up decoy no questions asked. lighter, smaller and works wonders. I use it for elk and pronghorn
I have tried the montana miss september and its large and awkward but If some one was hunting from a blind or set up like that it would proble work best,so depends on what type of hunting you do.spot and stock not so good.Just my opinion.have not used the heads up .
We use the Mt decoy out in eastern mt.  I've seen it make the difference between calling back and forth and bulls coming up out of the prairie to check the action out.  I'd recommend it if the area you're hunting has open country.
i'd go with a heads up.  light and easy to deploy.  i took a plastic spring clamp and put two holes through the handles so i can clamp on to trees and shrubs and then slide the decoy handle through the holes.  made it easier and faster to get the decoy set up in spots that i wanted.