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Jan 18, 2015
Just wanted to say Hi, I am new to this site. Love to hunt and wanted to join. In 2011 I shot my first bull elk with a bow, a nice 5x5, then a 4x4 buck and antelope buck with my rifle. It was a good hunting year for me. Then I was diagnosed with Breast cancer, went thru my surgeries, chemo, etc. I am now 3 years cancer free and ready to get back into bow and rifle hunting again.

Looking forward to helping others and sharing experiences.

Chat soon! :)

Welcome Karen,

We are very pleased to have you here. I look forward to hearing more about those kills and about all of your experiences.

I also can\'t explain how much I respect you for fighting through your cancer and once it\'s all said and done, you\'re ready to hop right back into the woods.

I hope you enjoy the site and again, welcome.
Welcome 5x5. We are glad to have you here in the BTO camp. I too am a cancer survivor. The good news is that there is much life after cancer, and maybe we appreciate it a little more. BTO is a place to enjoy yourself and share experiences, questions or even theories. Just watch out that JF doesn\'t take your seat, or mess with it when you get up for coffee.
Thanks to the both of you, and yes, there is definitely life after cancer and a greater appreciation for everything around you! I am ready to live again :) Time to work on my profile.
Since my name on this site is Colo5x5, figured I better post a picture why.

It was my first elk I got up in North Park, Colorado. I had been hunting 5 years and shot my share of grouse with my bow and figured if I could hit a grouse at 20 yards, I could surely hit an elk! :)

I did not want to take a shot if I didn\'t feel sure it would be a good one. When it finally happened, it happened quickly. I was waiting on a ridge when a nice cow came running down. I was ready to get my first elk. She stopped right behind some new growth of trees, to where I could only see her head. Then I heard a noise and a nice 5x5 bull was following the cow elk down the ridge. I got myself set up for him to cross this small cleaning between the trees below me. My hunting partner made a noise at him as he entered the cleaning and he stopped. I took a 35 yard shot and double lunged him. He passed very quickly which I was glad. I shot him Sept 2011,got my 4x4 buck Oct 2011 and my antelope buck Oct 2011. I had my breast cancer Surgery Dec 15th 2011 and then I made sure I was present for the birth of my first grandson Dec 30th 2011. What a blessing and perfect time for him to arrive! He was the perfect medicine that helped me get through my 1 1/2 years of chemo.


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Wow, Karen. 2011 was a helluva year for you. :crazy:

Looking forward to seeing a lot more success stories from you this Year!
Welcome Karen. Glad to here that you are doing good now. 2011 was a great year for you. Can\'t wait to here more from you. There are great guys and gals on this site.

Grandkids are allot of fun but I don\'t remember my kids getting into everything. Must be me getting slower. :lol:
Another welcome Karen! Great to have you here! Congrats on beating cancer as well. Here\'s to hoping 2015 is even better than 2011 was :upthumb:
Welcome from one of the elk hunting newbies, I\'ve been mainly stalking most of this crew a couple years now and can tell u swede ain\'t the only one to watch out for. :think: Fun part will be figuring that out as you check in with this elk camp.
Every now and again a thread will get derailed so fair warning, but that seems to happen more as the rut gets closer.

Glad to hear you doing well after the cancer and look forward to hearing some of your experiences.
Welcome Karen. Those are some nice animals. You had a good year. I hope this year is another good one for you.
Congratulations on beating breast cancer. I wish you good health and many treasured years with your grandchild.

Those deer and elk look great. Thanks for sharing those stories.

I hope your freezer becomes full in 2015.
Karen, welcome to the site! Congrats on your previous hunts, and hopefully you can write about more success each season. Great to hear victory over cancer!

Hi Karen ;)
Glad to see you here.

I have known Karen for about 10 years.
We have shot bows together at Gannett Ridge, had backyard BBQs , and chat on occasion.

I hope we get more ladies like her, mtnmutt, and Abq_chica to join and share their experiences.
Welcome from Arkyville... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Glad ya are better and back to hunting... :clap: :clap: As ya know by now grandkids are truely GRAND.... :upthumb: :upthumb:

Thanks to all, I too and hoping for a great 2015! I wish the same to all on this site and I am sure I will get to know you all of you the more we chat and I am not the site. :clap:

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