High Bull to Cow ratio calling


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Sep 23, 2019

Up here in Oregon (central/east) and hunt in an area where I've seen 10 bulls to 8 or so cows.  Two herd bulls with 4 cows and a couple calves.  Many big 6x, 5x bulls roaming but will not come into the calls - cows or bugles.  It's like they're happy just sounding off locates.  Any idea best tactic to get these bulls to come in to calls?



Jul 10, 2017
Make sure you are creating a reason for them to come to your calls. Just randomly throwing calls out there isn't going to do much. Corey's preferred sequence is a great starting point. Get in close (inside 200 yards or more) and throw out some cow calls. If the bull responds, cut him off with a bugle of your own. By doing that, you are challenging him to come to you. Continue to cut him off if he keeps bugling.


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Aug 20, 2013
Elk Noob said:
If they're sounding off unsolicited go to them...

^^^^^^^^?^^what he said. Although there are times you have to initiate (solicit) if you aren't hearing anything

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