Hunting with side Stabilizer


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Jan 4, 2017
Do any of you use a side stabilizer to off set the weight of your quiver when hunting ? Just looking at a stabilizer, most likely an adjustable Crossroads one. Setting up bow to shoot longer,need to control pin float.
Nope. Just a 6 inch hunting stabilizer on the front. But I don't worry about pin float....I don't have pins, lol. Don't use a release either. I have always stuck to the k.i.s.s. principle. Understand that I am not one of those that knock others about their setups. Whatever makes them accurate and puts down an animal cleanly and quickly...That's what counts. But for me,, the less I have, the less to cause a problem or go wrong. I keep my failure points limited.
I try not to add more weight to my bow or anything that could grab brush.
Unless you are floating 3 to 6 inches at 40, not an issue . Strengthening the shoulder for a more solid base could help with that as well.
Thanks for replies. I am going to try a 12? out front to see if that helps. Been working on arm strength and just getting a new bow setup. Don?t see to many hunters running side stabilizers didn?t know if there pros to it. Thanks
Just a few weeks ago I picked up a Bee Stinger 10" front bar and a 6" back bar.  I also added the quick disconnect attachment.  (A little pricey, but worth it)
I didn't select the 10/8 "combo" kits, as I thought an 8" back bar would be too long and catch on brush in the field.  The 6" angles out just as wide as my quiver. 
I also like that I can lay the bow flat on the ground and the back bar acts as a kick stand.
After mounting it I noticed an immediate improvement on my pins.  They would not dance around like before.
It took awhile to see how many 1 ounce discs to add/remove to the front or back bar to get it to my liking.
I also re-sighted in, which didn't take long.
I'm shooting with a lot more confidence!

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