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Apr 17, 2014
A local archery shop here in Denver, No Limits Archery (owned by Phil Mendoza), is putting on a tournament catered towards bow hunting called the Alpha Bowhunting Challenge (Memorial Day Weekend). Phil did a giveaway where entrants had to share on Facebook the Alpha event and tag a friend. I did that, but never thought I would win the gear give away...

...Until I was listening to his podcast at the gym this past weekend :train: . He did a random number generator and scrolled down the FB posts and my post matched with the random number pulled. I was pretty stoked - I actually went over to my wife on the stair master and puller her headphones out of her phone and plugged my phone in and told her to listen.

I ended up winning the new Kifaru hunter frame and a new Kifaru Mountain Warrior bag! Still can\'t believe I won a $600+ gear set up by sharing a FB post!

I stopped by No Limits this week for a broadhead tuning class and met up with and thanked Phil for the giveaway and the gear - really nice stand-up guy. I picked out the Mountain Warrior in a Kryptek Highlander bag and he will get it set up on the new Hunter frame and call me when it is all set up. I\'ll get some photos of it once I have it in hand. :dance2:
Picked up the new pack last night, and am very happy - who wouldn\'t be with free high-end gear! Here are some photos - I stuffed it with blankets and pillows. It essentially has two compartments - the main bag and another pocket on the back. The main bag can be accessed from the top opening like any standard pack; but there is also an inverted \"U\" shaped zipper that allows easy access into the main bag.
Front and back:

Water bladder hose opening - one on each side:

Interior looking at the water bladder hose slot and the connections to hang the water bladder:
Top Lid removed. Each side has two compression straps near the stitched in webbing on each side panel:

U shaped zipper opened. There is a mesh panel pocket against the back opening:

Pack laid flat on shoulder straps and most pillows pulled out (one black one near top entry) to show interior of bag and Small pocket, water bladder sleeve:

New hunter duplex frame:

Frame with composite stays and bag weigh in at 6.8lbs:

Time to put some miles in on this one!

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