Icon 7000 pack by Kuiu impressions

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Jan 8, 2013
Spent about an hour with the Kuiu guys at the P&Y convention in Dallas this afternoon talking with them about their new gear and testing out the Icon 7000 pack.  I've been on the lookout for a new pack and had narrowed it down to the Mystery Ranch and Kifaru's, but its hardnot being in a location where you can get your hands on the packs and test them out before you buy, to make that financial commitment. 

The Kuiu guys were great showing me all the options, the well organized pockets for small and medium gear, front entry and expansion capabilites for meat hauling and then rounded up a 50 lb bag of sand, loaded the pack and let me mosey around the convention for 15 or 20 minutes with it on.  The pack felt great on my back and light years better than my Eberlestock Just One.  This pack has definitely entered consideration for my next pack.  Just thought I'd share my impressions. 

Anyone currently own one of the Icon packs and have any feedback?

I don't own one of the packs, but have also wanted to get my hands on them.

Did they have any of the merino 230 zip T's in Vias size large for sale there? The website says out of stock and I would pay you to get me one if they have it there and you are going back.

Also, did you get to see the new hats?
Didn't see the zip Ts but I picked up a super down hooded jacket and they did just get back their new hats in, which are made out of the same fabric in the pack, if I remember correctly, and they have them in vias, verde, grey, green and black.  Looked really slick.  Also will have the packs in verde soon, but not sure if that was new or not.
I have the Icon, and currently have the 3000 pack mounted on it. I've spent roughly over a week with it on, and I've come to the conclusion that it was well worth the investment and at some point will get either the Icon 5000 or 7000 pack in the further, but for now the Icon 3000 has definitely made a positive impression, proper fit, great support and overall I enjoy the feel of it. Not to mention it's modular ability, can't wait to haul out some quarters of elk this fall.
The pack market seems to be exploding with great products. There are about five difgerent packs that J would love to have, and the Icon is definitely one of them.
Since I just picked up a bunch of Kuiu (almost thier entire line:) I can't justify the pack this year.  I sure wish I could get to some even that the Kuiu folk are attending, so I could try one out.  Thanks for the update.

P.S. I just ordered a couple new hats. 

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