Idaho draw results are out


Jun 4, 2013
The only thing I put in for was an extra antlerless whitetail tag. Over the last six years this tag has had draw odds of 71%, 84%, 73%, 85%, 99%, and 94%. The draw odds aren't out yet for the latest drawing. But it's a pretty high odds chance to draw. I HAVEN'T DRAWN IT IN 7 YEARS. It's not that highly coveted of a tag but still pretty annoying when over that same seven year period everyone I know that has put in for that tag has drawn it every time with the exception of my cousin last year. Another one of the "perks" of living in one of the fastest growing states in the country I guess. I did draw it two years ago in the second drawing when my odds were 33%.

Hopefully Elk101 members have better luck in the draws than I do.
That's some bad luck right there! Hopefully things change for you and you start drawing it consistently moving forward.

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