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Aug 15, 2018

Up until this pint I?ve only hunted CO for Elk during one Rifle season or anther.

shot a small bull the first year and cows the last two years. I?m pretty confident i?lL be able to find the elk

We live in coastal NC and last year my trip got cancelled due to hurricane Florence.

this year i?m Committing to Lemhi Zone for elk in Idaho. 
Ive never stepped foot in Idaho but i?m Looking forward to spending 3 weeks in the hills chasing elk.  I?ve heard unit 29 is some beautiful country and i?m Looking forward to it.  I?ll also be bringing my rifle with me Incase i dont tag a bull the greefield tag applys for cow within 1 mile of a culitiaved feild.

Looking for any information on unit 29 within the Lemhi range, or other units within
I?ve spoken to the biologist for the area Mike and he pointed me a few spots to look at down near Leadore

Curious if there are Grizzlys around in this unit and what the elk population is like.

Thanks in advance for any information

Ps anyone going to TAC IN JULY?

Grizzlies in 29 no there shouldn't be.

Elk population. they are there but you have to work for them.

Wolves will be present in the area.

Big timber creek basin has a lot of hunters and outfitters. They can drive motorcycles up the trails to camp along the stream.

Some trails have been closed years ago but people still use them even though they are not supposed to.

Hunted there last year. No elk seen or heard. Mule deer in a lot of places. Hunting pressure wasn't excessive in the part of 29 we were in. Going back this year hoping the wolves haven't decimated the elk populations.

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