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Jan 4, 2013
How do you fuel your body during elk season? From scouting early summer to hunting in the fall to shedding in the spring I use and abuse my body almost year long in the mountians. Wilderness Athlete products helps my body get the proper nutrition it needs to function from sun up to sun down day after day...
I pre package each day of food. Including a protein/creatine/glucosamine mix for breakfast and before bed. I believe you need to fuel your body like hitting the gym. Through out the day, drink plenty of water and before bed. Most of your bodies repair happens at night and you need to be fueled and hydrated to aid in it. Carbs are your friend in the mtns.
One thing I love to take with me in my pack is a mixture of oatmeal,peanut butter, honey, vanilla, flax seed and chocolate chips. It's already all smooshed together so even if it happens to get under my drinks or sat on, it's still the same. Tons of water with me at all times too!!
I also pre package my daily food so I can grab one and put in my pack. I usually have the following. Jerky of some kind, trail mix, cheese crackers, pop tarts, smoothie energy bar or two, granola bar or two, fruit snacks, peanut butter and bacon sandwich, and something new I found this past season in a box at the grocery store. It is a small box that has chicken salad and crackers in it. Does not need refrigeration and tastes pretty good. For my main meal I will pack a mountain house meal for each day.