inReach SE 2-way Communicator

Big Tex

New member
Jan 8, 2013
Ran across the InReach device today and though it was pretty cool.  I typically  hunt out of cel range and have rented a sat phone or hunted with folks that have a spot for my extended backcountry trips.  This device seems to be a compromise between the two - a satellite two way texting device.  For comm with the wife at home, calling in packing help, posting your success to your friends, for emergency situations, and if the GPS is worth a darn and it could replace my garmin Oregon in my pack, it would seem to be a really useful tool to have.  Device cost $300 plus $10/month base service plan and up.

With the pace of tech advancement, I've wondered when other comm tools for the backcountry adventurer would hit the market.  Anyone have any others they've run across?