Interesting video!

Lark Bunting

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Sep 14, 2016
Stumbled onto this video today. Incredible standoff, amazing with that much calling that the elk still came, and absolutely crazy ending!
You can skip to 2:00.
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Dang, he went down like a pile of bricks. Don\'t see that very often with a bow.

I wish all bulls were as smart as young bulls :D
I thought it was game over after the stare off started....
Great video and glad he sent down that follow up shot.

I spined the second elk I shot. Dropped in his tracks, but I nocked up and fired down another ASAP.
He got lucky. If anyone ever spines a deer or elk even though it drops. Immediately put another arrow in the lungs.
Yes I agree a second shot should follow quickly to keep the humane aspect going. First time I\'ve seen an elk drop from a bow shot though.

Thanks for the video.


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