Jail-house workouts


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Mar 30, 2018
What is your best go-to workout for the home or backyard and which absolutely destroys you as you head downhill from March to August and work on the ol' body?
burbies..we called them UPS and DOWNS.  they will forever make me want to vomit.
We called them Bends and thrusts in the Corps. Hated them back then, hate?em now. Try them in sand sometime.
find a local cross fit website and use their work out plans, you can replicate it with items around the house . you wont regret it

20 sec as many push ups, 10 sec break

Do this 5x that?s 2:30 (min and sec)

Now do body weight  squats, Burpees, mountain climbers.  For same time that?s 10 minutes

Now repeat.  20 minutes, and smoked

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The mtntough 22s for time, even without dumb bells to start.  Throw in the DBs and add weight as needed.

As I sit here coughing up a lung, recovering from the flu.
At home I do exercises like push ups, planks, elastic bands, and kettle balls. I have also built a pull up/chin up station. Since I live in a milder climate zone I ride my bike often on long rides for basic endurance and fun. That said i do go to the fitness center regularly.
Found a supper cheap easy to do at home workout doing a tri strength class using sliders (I use my wife's felt furniture movers from Home Depot).  There are a hundred different lunges and push up variations you can do that just use body weight.

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