Longer range grouping and tips

Big Tex

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Jan 8, 2013
With a new MT BG dial of death on my bow I've been able to stretch out my shooting range and have had a couple sessions out to 80 yards.  I can consistently get an 8-10 group at 80.  What sort of groupings should I be striving for at 80-100 yards? 

Already noticed a couple things I can do to help tighten up, shoot at a paper target with an aiming point versus a 3D deer, move my slider to key off my 50 yd pin which is 0.10 fiber vs my 20 which is a 0.19.  What other tips do folks have for tight groups at longer range?


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Jan 4, 2013
There is a thousand opinions on ways to improve what works for some may not for others.other than practice alot, I like to shot distance shots from my knees I get a lot more steady. and for groups well as long as you can consistantly hit the kill zone on what ever you are hunting than I say your good. 80 to 100 yard shots I mostly save for back up shots when you got an arrow in already than a second is better and in this case it dosent have to be a perfect shot just another bleed hole.


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May 30, 2013
Practice,Practice,Practice!!! The tighter you get your groups at a longer distance the better. I like to shoot my 3d targets at 80 to 120 yds.. 120 is mostly just for kicks, I wouldn't shoot anything that far.. Well maybe!!! I try to shoot skoal lid 5 shot groups at 80. Give yourself a challenge. That's what works for me, like said earlier whats good for some may not be good for you. Good luck!

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