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Sep 14, 2016
I hate asking this as I know it\'s like asking for your Honey Hole for fishing or hunting (and I\'m not looking for your secret spots) but I\'d like some recommendations on good beginner backpacking areas along the front range.

I\'d like to head out this weekend with my wife in tow and practice backpacking. It sounds dumb but I have never done the backpacking thing and I have a hunting trip this fall that requires somewhere between 2-3.5 miles pack in trip and I want to make sure I am prepared. I\'d love to do my first trip up there but it\'s 4.5 hours from home and I\'d rather not drive quite that far for this over-nighter.

I have signed up for AllTrails and found a couple places (Horsethief Trail is high on my list since it\'s close) but I am open to other suggestions. I\'d prefer something less than 2 hour drive from Castle Rock for a one night trip.
I don\'t know of any spots but I like the practice run. You will learn a lot. Mostly what you don\'t need to carry. You will be doing everything to cut down the pack weight if you go very far. Have fun this weekend.
I don\'t know any places off hand, but I would say take a look at some maps, pick a spot, and go do it. You could probably even do it in Rampart if you wanted to...just be prepared to wake up to motorcycles or atv\'s buzzing by you even if you get a few miles off a main road!

I don\'t think you even need a trail head. Pick a spot along the front range that doesn\'t have a ton of snow still and go check it out. You never know, you might find another area to potentially hunt down the road.
\"Colorado Russ\" said:
Lark, would Salida area be too far?
Since we are only going for one night I\'m going to stick close to home and just do the Horsethief Park. It has a couple cool destination hikes once you\'ve set camp and it should be an easy hike in and out. I had pretty much lay my hand on every single item in my pack (except my first aid kit) or else I have some purging to do when I get home!

I\'ll work up to a few nights this summer to be a bit more prepared for this fall.

I really need to buy a nice extended stay hunting pack, Exo, and Tenzing have my attention!

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