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Jul 30, 2016
So I am looking to get some new arrows for this year and was looking at the Victory VF TKOs.  Anyone have any experience with or knowledge about them?
wish i could help.
i've shot Goldtip from the beginning.  my first dozen gold tip shafts didnt even have logos on them.  i bought them from GT when they were just a baby company, coming out to market.
several years later.  XT hunters, we were running around like idiots shooting at mountain quail.  arrows bouncing off rocks and trees.  i was the only fool that didnt break a single arrow.  not a single one.  i would just keep picking up my shafts, flex them and load up for another quail.  i never did kill a bird.  those things were fast!  but fun.  giddy fun.
beman, eastons..they all broke.  i didnt break a single shaft.  blew my friends away.. 
I'm in the market for new arrows too, but not sure what to get. I'll keep an eye out on this post to see what people say. Good luck!
I've been using Gold tips for years. Not planning on changing. If you buy the bare shafts, fletch them yourself or have it done, Get the Hunters and have them cut on both ends. You can then get a straighter cut and a shaft comparable to the higher end Hunter Pros.
I started shooting the Victory Vap tko this year and am very happy with them I?m shooting them at about 520gr they fly fantastic very little wind drift and very tough arrows

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I just built a dozen VAP TKO's for a buddy. I haven't shot them, but they all turned out amazing and the spin test showed no wobble on any of them. I was impressed.
I use easton FMJs and have for a few years now. But I think you'd be hard pressed to find a bad arrow out there these days.  My only recommendation is a little heavier arrow 9-11 gpi.

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