New here - please don\'t kick me off!!


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Mar 8, 2014
New to the site, and I hope I don\'t get \"banned for life\" for telling it how it is. Because I may do that from time to time, and if I hurt your feelings in the process, I\'m truly, sincerely sorry.

Almost couldn\'t get on this forum because the registration wouldn\'t accept my answer to the question: \"How many legs does an elk have?\"

Answer: \"Depends on if one got shot off or chewed off by a wolf, or whether the legs were sawed off for packing it out\".

Apparently the site administrator doesn\'t like that answer!
Well hello Lou ~
Your registration automatically comes with probation :)

Im sure your straight forward, no bull BS, point of view will be greatly appreciated here.

Hows the hip doing?
Havent read an update recently.
Great to see you made it over Lou. Some on here might not have saw your pre surgery x-Ray. You should try posting a pic...that post picked up a lot of traffic in a hurry.. :lol:
Buglemaster, those xray pics got me banned in 7 countries! Now minding my p\'s and q\'s
LOL! Initially, I answered the question of how many legs does an elk have with \" 4, unless he\'s endowed like Lou\"

So glad I was allowed a second answer... :shifty:
lol, yall are funny, an I needed a laugh. welcome lew, tell brad how it is would ya. lol. cant wait to learn from you. an you are my hero after some of the xrays lol, even if they were doctored up first.
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Cheers Lou!


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Who is who in that picture again? I remember seeing that before. Always nice to put a face with a name!
Left to right - Jaquomo, cnelk, Rudy (huntography), bnsafe.

My smile is bigger because I\'m one beer ahead of the rest.
Glad you finally showed up Lou (since you sent me the link to this site almost a week ago) :eh:

\"Jaquomo\" said:
New to the site, and I hope I don\'t get \"banned for life\"

We\'ll be watching you closely ;)
Oh No! :crazy: Another trouble maker. How did we all end up here? :wtf: Oh well, wELKome to the Exnut\'s hideout. :lol:
Lou it is good to see you are here. I know this is a little late, but I have focused only on the archery forum. It\'s scary wandering around with no supervision. I know what you mean about those trick questions. Who wants a college entrance exam just to see a few pictures on an elk forum?
we ever gonna find out what happened \"over there\"?

ah..never mind..turkey season is here, we are all waiting for elk draw is good.
\"elky McElkerson\" said:
we ever gonna find out what happened \"over there\"?

If anyone does find out, let me know too would ya?
All I know is when I went to log on, it said I was banned... :twisted:
this is shaping up to be a top notch forum, im just glad to be here. kinda feel some guilt by association though with that picture on this thread, what being the only sane one there, lol

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