new nikon rangefinder??


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Jun 13, 2016
so i just got done listening to the new podcast from kifarucast.. Snyder alluded to a new revolutionary range finder from nikon.  anyone heard anything about this? i cant seem to find any info of it being announced at the ata show???
Hmmmm I've not heard anything about it.
Only everyone talking about this new range finding bow sight....
The Monarch 3000 has antivibration technology allowing for a more accurate ?hold? on target. It?s angle compensation is supposed to be much more accurate than previous models as well as competitors. Nikon has a very good reputation among pro archers on the 3D circuits.

This info is being relayed from someone who was at the ATA FWIW.

Yes, it shows it?s not currently available for purchase though.
would be sweet to be able to use it for both which in reading about this new nikon it will do just that.. out to 3000 yards on reflectives.. 
Yeah, that's why I asked. It seems like a steep price to pay if it was just for archery hunting. It'll be interesting to hear the reviews from guys who shoot longer range with rifles. They don't show what the beam divergence is, but that is typically the biggest thing to look at when trying to range things at longer distances. Maybe the stabilization that it has will help with that though?
After owning a mirrorless camera with in body image stabilization, I'm excited to see how well the technology works in other applications. I haven't seen or used the Nikon rangefinder, but I have used a pair of stabilized binos... Other than being heavy, they're awesome.

If I hadn't just bought a new Sig, I'd have the Nikon 3000 on order. Looks sweet!

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Just heard that the beam divergence is 1.8 mrad (vertical) x .25 mrad (horizontal). It's interesting that they went this route considering one of their primary targets for this range finder has to be longer range rifle hunters. Compare that to a Leica 1600, which is a basic rangefinder used by many longer range shooters, with a beam divergence of 0.5x2.5 mrad.

Why this matters: at 500 yards, the beam of the Nikon is roughly 32.5" tall while the Leica is 9" tall. Extend that out farther and the difference becomes substantial. This really matters, especially when trying to range an animal on flatter ground.

Because of this, pretty much all longer range shooters prefer a smaller vertical beam versus a smaller horizontal beam. Which is why it surprises me that Nikon went this route.

Either way, it sounds like the technology used in this rangefinder could definitely change the rangefinder game moving forward.
so the new nikon range finder might not be as useful to long range shooters is what im gathering there?  ill admit my ignorance on the technical data you used there but its sounding very interesting
I can only assume that this technology is tailored to long range hunters. After all, any rangefinder works for archery or standard rifle distances (under 300 yards).

The beam divergence that I?m talking about is basically the size of the beam that ranges the distances. Obviously the smaller the beam, the more accurate you can be. If a beam is large you can end up accidentally hitting another object instead of what you are actually trying to range.
the pricing looks acceptable.

i think it would be awesome.  when i'm ranging a potential live target..i am a shaky fool!!  this could help immensely. 
Boom said:
the pricing looks acceptable.

i think it would be awesome.  when i'm ranging a potential live target..i am a shaky fool!!  this could help immensely.

No doubt the technology could be helpful! I'm anxious to hear what the feedback sounds like. I just wish they wouldn't have skimped on the beam divergence. If they had gotten that right, it could be a home run.

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