NM Unit 13 Late Muzzleloader Hunt


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Apr 23, 2020
First year I put in and ended up drawing a late season muzzleloader hunt for New Mexico Unit 13. Didn't expect to draw but here I am asking for help. Anyone familiar with this unit? Best areas to look for good elk during this season? I plan on doing a scouting trip in July/August to see the lay of the land, ect., but any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Can't really afford an outfitter so will be  a DYI hunt. Thanks,
Been in 13 a couple times many years ago, and pointed a friends son in some direction last year. They went scouting a day before season started and came back to their camp being stolen. The entire camp - tent, sleeping bags, coolers, chairs everything gone. This was a camp off a dirt road so just a heads up for something to think about. I had no issues years ago but Im hearing now the drug heads look for hunters stuff to grab. Find some good water in 13 and you will find elk. The problem also is if you get the monsoon rains (they come around that time) that this will get tossed out the window.

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