Outdoor workout course


Sep 5, 2016
What would guys recommend for a outdoor work out coarse. I live 25 miles from town and it is hard to get to the gym. I have set up a 4 mile mountain bike or hiking trail on my Onx maps with a lot of terrain. Now what to do at home (outside ideas) besides shooting our bows before and after the bike ride or hike. My wife and son will be doing this with me.

Thanks; Terry
Looks good. I do a lot of biking to prepare for elk hunting. I get more of a burn in the legs biking hills than hiking with a weighted pack. Keep it up and you will be in great elk shape come September.
You guys both have the handle "bowhunter" and you are both named Terry...
Interesting  :upthumb:
Terry, that looks like a great setup to me. Other things you could do are mix up the workouts. Do the hike with a weighted pack and on those days, stop x amount of times and do push ups, sit ups, or even do box jumps if you can find a big rock somewhere. Anything like that to mix in extra work.

I would also try to mix it up with the bike. Maybe one day you just do one loop of 4 miles, but maybe you do two loops one day a week or something like that. I've found that mixing things up can keep it fresh for you.

The one other thing I'd throw out there is to write down your plan at least a week ahead of time. So, for example, on Monday I'm going to do a weighted hike, x amount of push ups, and shoot my bow x amount of times. When you have it written down, it keeps you motivated to get it knocked out each day and you can track other things too, like how long it takes you to complete the hike or bike each day. By tracking things, you can continue to try to get better, i.e. faster times, more push ups, more shots with the bow, etc.

Just some ideas!
Whatever you decide to do, be sure its something you like to do. If not, you wont do it.

Personally, Ive found that getting my hamstrings and thighs in shape is most important.
High stepping and squats are a daily hunting routine. Try to mimic difficult steps/incline.

I dont run. If I find I need to run, I should have left earlier.

Brisk walks at longer distances is my 'go-to' routine. I enjoy it, thats why I do it.

IMO - Being a very good shot is first. Being in good shape is second

Thanks,Great ideas guys, should be fun also, now to get this remaining snow to melt.

cohunter14; the changing up the bike ride I was planning doing a 360 on the 4 miles would more up hill going around it in the other direction.

When out with weighted pack and the incline peters off or becomes somewhat less physically demanding I?ve found a good leg burner is step ups and a stump or big rock.  Whenever the hike becomes ?easier? I try and get the cardio going and legs-a-burnin
In addition to the hike, you could buy a 20kg kettlebell and have endless options to torture yourself.

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