Paper tuning/rest adjustment question


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Dec 13, 2018
Made my 1000th attempt at getting that sweet bullet hole with my Mathews Z7 today. Had it down to about a quarter inch tear before I stripped out my rest (QAD HDX). That's a separate issue I'm working on getting fixed. My question is about the end result right before it broke. Had a bad left tear for forever. Yoke tuned it from about 1.75" down to around .5". Adjusted the rest for final touches. At that point, my rest was so far to the right, the arm (or whatever it's called) was almost touching the riser. Looks ridiculous. Should it be like that, or is that a sign that my tuning isn't as close as I thought? Could I possibly OVER yoke tune to the point of a RIGHT tear to make room to move the rest to the left?

Your rest shouldn't be that far off from center. If you look down from the top and your arrow does/doesn't line up with your cam/string/limbs its a good quick gut check. Personally, I don't mess with paper tuning. Focus more getting everything set up to spec, then walk back tune (make rest adjustments to find proper center shot), then broad head tune (yoke tune, maybe make a small rest adjustment if the last twist/untwist doesn't get me shooting same POI). Also, if I use a shooter to broad head tune, I still have to make adjustments to account for the torque I apply to the bow compared to the shooter. No idea if I can shoot bullet holes through paper, but my broad heads hit the same spot as my field points to the end of my effective range....
I agree with skerhunter. Your rest should not be that far off center. Your arrow might be under spined. Is your form and release correct? Is your grip correct? Is the draw length to short? I paper tune at 3, 6, and 9 ft. Once I have bullet holes, I do the walk back method. Next, I broadhead tune, if needed. Local pro shops should be able to get you heading in he right direction.
Form and grip is good. Loose fingers, no torque, and I don't try it if I'm tired. Arrows are spined correctly, and draw length is good. I'm gonna take it to the bow shop and see what they can do for me. Thank you guys for the responses. I was a bit lost.
I would double check the yoke tuning first and make sure you did it right. Here's a good article on it:

I'd also try moving the rest back to where the center shot is recommended, which appears to be 13/16 for the Z7. Start with those two adjustments and see where that puts you.
Thanks! Just trying to get this thing fixed up so I can sell it. I think I need the new Vertix lol