Passing the 'torch'


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Mar 23, 2017
Some may remember over the years how my son has tagged along with me on hunts.

He's pretty much all grown up and off on his own, working as an maintenance electrician at Vail Resorts on the ski lifts.

Ive seen him shoot 3 elk and a few WT deer but today was different.

He applied and drew a 3rd season buck tag for the mountains, since its fairly close to where he works. I asked if he wanted me to come up and go along, but he said 'I got this one Dad'.

Well, I got a text message about mid-morning this morning along with a very nice photo of him and his first Mule Deer buck.

One shot, and quartered it up and packed it out. He had a co-worker along so they had a great time.

I met him in Denver this afternoon and got the deer from him.
Brought it home and got it ready to cut up.
[Dad still gets to help out :) ]

For those that have youngsters, get them out hunting/fishing!
Teach them what you know.

One day, you too will pass the torch!

Yep. Im proud.


Jul 10, 2017
That?s awesome Brad! I hope my boys end up the same way. Congratulate Cole on a great buck 👍


Jun 13, 2017
That is so exciting and what a great buck!
Congrats to Cole  :upthumb:

Don K

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Mar 31, 2014
Congrats!, you have every right to be proud!
One thing I will add having my kids just leaving the house over the last 5 years is it really happens fast. 

Ol Arky

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Aug 5, 2017
Congrats Cole and dad... Nice buck...

I've already passed the torch and my boys are keeping it going and working on passing it to their kids....

You've got grandkids to look forward to Brad... :-D :-D

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