PDF Maps app. for android and iphone


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Sep 3, 2017
For those that like to use their mobile phones as a GPS in the field, PDF maps by Avenza is a pretty good solution.

You can down free USGS maps from their \'store\', import geotiff\'s, geoPDF and GE kml files.

I used it last year on two hunts. On the first, I took an atlas map with the land boundaries marked, converted it into a geotiff, and was able to keep track of my location on the ranch without any cell phone coverage.

On the second, I converted the RFW maps into a geotiff, and was again able make sure I was on the ranch at all times.

I\'ll publish a basic video on how to use it, if their is enough interest.

This is my go to mobile device map app when I know I\'m going to be offline. Pretty darned good product for free.

I have used Gaia on my iPhone, I\'ve since picked up a Galaxy s5, before but it was twenty bucks. I don\'t have a reliable computer. I am wondering if you download the tif, pdf or kml straight to your phone or if you need computer?

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What you need is some file with Geo Spacial information in it.

Look for GeoPDF, Geotiff files. These can be pretty large.

You can download free GeoPDF files from the USGS (Link -> USGS Download )

One can also download legacy PDF files and convert them to GeoTiff. This requires a program like QGIS (Free), and some computer skills. The learning curve is the hardest part on this one.

I also use a Delorme inReach when out and about. The subscription allows me to download map files onto my iPhone using their Earthmate application.

And I use MotionX-GPS to track my work out. This app allows you to upload/download KML files, and download map files.

There are lots of options out there.