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Jan 2, 2013
I have the hardest time trying to understand what drives poachers?  If it is meat because they are hungry is the only one that makes sense.  But most seem to be after horns.  Honestly most of the ones I have seen, are killed at a time that easy to kill, IE at night with spot lights, or out of season when they are just trying to survive the winter.  How can you brag about killing something that you didn't really EARN.  Just gets under my skin when I seen it. 

Any thoughts?
Just pure self satisfaction/gratification. Just like any kind of theft, there are probably those that they can brag to that have the same mentality so they get some satisfaction from that. Bragging about it usually ends up getting them arrested, so brag away, and you can be put away+firearm confiscated+maybe the vehicle too+ loss of hunting privileges for many years... oh and don't forget the $10,000.00 fine per animal...
Personally, I think its about the end results and trying to keep up with the "Jones's".  Its not about the journey / hunt to get the animal for them.

We (the hunting environment) has created a mentality of BIG antlers and has many people dreaming of them.  Most people will never shoot a 380" bull in their life on a fair chase (legal) hunt, so when presented the opportunity poachers take it.  Sad, but it happens all the time.

Blakebuilds, I agree about big mouths getting people caught.  I strongly disagree with the punishment you state.  Most cases I read about, the wardens work their arse off and by the time it hits the court the poachers are barely getting a slap on their wrist (in comparison to the crimes they committed).  All we can do is keep fighting the good fight.

Just my $0.02.
As an Police Officer i have dealt with poaching a lot.  When i do interview the individuals i catch they all say its for the meat BUT when i go to there house to check the freezers and stuff there is no meat but yet a pile of horns.  Its very sad and not only does it take away from everyone out there that legally hunts but it takes away from the young ones who have the future of hunting to look forward to.  It makes me sick and i give them hell.
Glad to hear that Bullhunter.  I just wish there were more of you guys out there.  Thanks for all that you do.
why do they poach,why would someone claim an animal you shot ( a fellow hunter on top of it),why would a so called friend come to your house for a visit and then you come to find out something is missing after he leaves I guess I don't get it either their mind set is a 180 degrees to ours something that we will never understand! 
All they want are the Antlers,Hide or whatever.  They actually are missing the best part of enjoying time in the outdoors,with family or friends. Harvest is Icing on the cake!
Bugle Em in,In Montana the fine is now mandatory,a judge can not reduce it If they are found guilty they are paying the fine no way around it.And if it is a trophy animal the fine goes up I have heard of fines hitting up around 50k and up.I think a bull is a min of 10k and a cow I think is min of 3k.A case in my town a few years ago a guy shoot 4 rag horns = 45k                .As far as for meat I talked to a teen girl a while back that said her uncle shot deer out of season for the meat(he was poor)my responce does he shoot does or bucks?she said only bucks.My responce well then he is a poacher,meat dont have to come with horns.
Check the Colorado Division of wildlife site got and e-mail from them the got an outfitter that has been dumping salt at some tree stands that he has put his clients on they estimate the last five years he has made over $200,000 he may spend 41 months in jail and huge fines including clean up of the salt mess aprox. 20 years worth and lose his hunting privilages in 37 states. 

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