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Aug 6, 2017
i put Pride on hold recently.  i've come to grips lately with things.
just got my bow back yesterday.  had 50-60lbs installed.  shot a bunch up close in my garage while the skies proceeded to fill my rain gauge to the 5" mark (in 3 days).  i pulled out my chronograph and shot a disappointing by VERY consistent 242 fps., ,my bow limbs are still turned down.  the pro-shop told me it is at 55 lbs.  (unconfirmed by me).  arrow programs tell me i will get 258 when i crank it up to approx 62lbs.  but that is way later.  55 will plunk a turkey just perfectly!!
i need to start shooting lots!  a lighter draw killed my last excuse to do so. :)
anyone shooting low poundage..can we start a support group? :D
My Mom and Dad both shoot lighter poundage than most. I think my Dads bow is set around 55# and my Mom is around 50#. I shoot 70# but I don't have any better results than they do. I have wondered about turning mine down as my shoulders give me trouble from time to time.
Cliff, I?ve jilled everything with my bow at 59lbs.

Not super light, but not super heavy either.

With my older bows I always shot anywhere from 40 to 45 since they were not adjustable... When I started shooting adjustable bows I settled on 56#....