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Apr 23, 2013
Hey everyone,in my hunting area in sw colorado.there are little to no north facing hear alot about elk bedding in these areas.What would the next choice be,west facing slopes?thanks

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East facing probably has more chances of having the thick timber that elk prefer than west does.
Even though a North facing slope may not be the dominant feature in your area, it will still occur in drainages, small canyons or just dips and recesses in your east or west sloping topography. Those small oasis islands of thick timber will be the coolest and most protected from the elements and serve as bedding area.
So the best choice will be to find elk sign in your area and then look for the sub-north features that provide the best cover and protection.
Perfect guys thank question would be on the small north facing features,how flat does the spot need to be for them to bed?

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If it's a single bull, all that's needed is a spot flat enough to bed on. I've found beds on extremely steep slopes where you wouldn't think it's possible unless you saw the bed. Obviously they prefer a bench, but sometimes they have to take what they can get.
Only had to be a flat area wide enough for an elk body. But if you are hunting the rut, these herds will need a little more room. No matter how steep the north faces are, there?s always little benches on them.  The north face does need timber for shade.  I have found them on east faces at times, nver west or south faces during September.

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