Road Trip workout? Try this one


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May 9, 2014
Summer is here and if you're a dad like me then there's sure to be a few trips with the kids and family that will prevent a trip to the gym. 

Figured I'd share a workout that I do from time to time when I have to travel and can't make it to the gym (which I enjoy doing 3-4 days a week).

It's simple, but harder than it looks, and be done anywhere.

Enjoy this one!

5 Rounds for time

20 burpees

30 pushups

40 sit ups

50 squats


(I did this last on April 14 and got a 34:40. I'm going to do it tomorrow just to see if I can improve the time. Feel free to post your times. Might make for a good motivator)
i like to get up early and go for a run or good walk in a new city or place or and old familiar camp ground
I like it!  I travel 2-weeks a month for work and have always struggled on my travel weeks to get a good workout in. I have been doing squats, lunges, crunches, push ups, and dips, but I think the workout you posted will really help the cardio. All can be done in the comfort of the hotel room or parking lot.

Nice work!