Scenario - What Would You Do?


Jul 10, 2017
It's 7:45am and you are walking a ridge line throwing out some location bugles into some draws. You stop where the red star is and throw another locator out and hear a bull answer you back, approximately where the red arrow is. The map faces north, for reference. What is your plan of attack?

If needed, feel free to save the map to your computer and open it with Paint to edit it, draw lines or spots, etc.
Id immediately drop to the bottom and go up 1/4 the other side.
Its still early enough for the thermals to take scent down into the bottom.
The bull is probably headed north and if you dont call too much, he will be in your wheelhouse before too long.

Find a good place to set up and reel him in
I may be crazy to think this but would it be the worst idea to work that ridgeline that you're currently on to the south?

I'm thinking i'd work that ridgeline south, see how the bull is responding (whether he's getting closer, staying in the same area, working farther away) and then adjust as i go.

if all would go well don't you think the bull would come over my way from his location as i was moving towards him on that opposite ridge?

May be a crazy idea but i wanted to get feedback on that plan of attack.
Go straight at him as fast as possible. Don?t cross the opening. When you get to the slope he?s on verify the thermals are still blowing down. Thermals are gonna switch at about 10 so keeping this in mind, 2 hrs of chasing and trying to call him in my mind, is eternity.  Start skirting to the side of him at 930 ish to get ready for the change of thermal.  Calling stragedy? See what he?s biting on
But I guess I don?t know which direction is north. The map faces north? Not sure what that means.  But you can bet I?d be within 200 yards of where he bugled from within 10 minutes approaching from below

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