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Ol Arky

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Aug 5, 2017
I know it been discussed but so far I've not been able to find it so here goes...

I'm looking for a good free internet map that shows the GPS coordinates when you scroll your mouse pointer over the map... I also need to be able to change the GPS reading from DM to DMS...

This is what I use. The mouse curser doesn't provide the coordinates but in the center of the screen is a crosshair that does. You drag the map around the crosshair to get your coordinates. There is topo and satellite view and you can change your DMS under the options tab on the bottom right. Very useful tool here. Enjoy!
Phil, google earth also does this. Wherever your mouse is pointed is what the coordinates will show in the bottom right corner. If you go to Tools->Options you can change the setting for the coordinates as well.
I tried the ACMA Mapper and it works fine for what I need to do...

For some reason Google Earth does want to work on my computer that has Windows 7 and the best internet explorer I can load on it..

Thanks again to both of you...
When I'm looking at maps online and trying to find places to scout on foot what would I look for on a map? Meadows? Pines? Water? Which one is most important?
I've recently started using My Maps on Google. It's got a lot of cool features I think would help you out. Best part is that you can export to a variety of formats for use in other mapping apps/tools.

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