Shoulder soreness and what to do to help prevent this


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Aug 17, 2018
So, I just got my new bow last week. I have shot in the past but this is my first real hunting bow so I am just getting back into the grove of shooting. My shoulders have been getting really sore after shooting for only about 20 minutes. Any suggestions on stretches, exercises, or form techniques to help with this? I am assuming it is common for for this to happen, especially when I haven't used these muscles before, but just looking for any input. Thank you!
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I would just plan on taking it slow and working up. Shoot 15-20 shots a day for a week or so, then start to increase. It might take a few days, but all of a sudden you will notice that you can shoot longer and longer without getting fatigued.
Agree re: build up. Also, the Crossover Symmetry progression on elastic bands is my go-to for warming up and stabilizing my shoulders.
there is a cool low impact move i do.  anyone that has gone to PT for a shoulder deal knows the move.
grab a light weight.  think soup can, or something.  a tiny dumbell.
then bend at the waist and let your arm dangle loose.  and just let the arm pendulum in tiny circles..counter clockwise, then clockwise. 

it helps.  shoulder soreness is no joke.  it is part of my daily life.  i hate it. 

i really have to pay attention to how i move loads around.  putting on a backpack is a tough move for me now.  take care of them shoulder joints.  nature didnt design them that had a tough job to figure out.

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