Single versus multi pin sight set-up

406unltd said:
Single pins for me on both my rigs.  I took a little of my wife?s nail polish and put nice white dots on the post giving me 4 pins.  This allows me to have my dial set at 20 and gives me dots out to 50 yards without having to move the slider until 60 or more. I tested This setup in low light and not only is it easily visible but I?ve found it to be just as accurate as using the fiber at those distances since it is pretty close.  Definitely not as good as having all fibers but a happy medium that I?m satisfied with.

I use a single-pin and love it. I practice shooting 10-40 yards with the pin set at 30 so that I am confident if there is not enough time to adjust my sight when an animal is approaching.
I like the nail polish idea for longer yardage and will probably be making a few marks on my sight tonight.
I've stuck with the multi pin. In the heat of the moment single pin can work, but I'd rather have the extra boost of confidence the multi pin allows, atleast for my hunting style

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