So. driving to the Arctic Circle?


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Aug 6, 2017
i think it would be the epic-est roadtrip of a lifetime.

my 2006 Toyota Tacoma is still solid and reliable.  i would need a few modifications, but i kinda want to keep it relatively stock.

up thru the Yukon Territory and then on the infamous Dempster Highway.

if i had a friend with a second truck lock it in with me, i would be gone this summer/fall.

my wife said okay.  my boss?  not so much..i think i would need 6-weeks
That sounds like it would be a fun trip but 6 weeks of time off work would eat into my hunting time. That might be a thing to think about after retirement.
Wife and I are looking at pulling the camper up to Alaska next year. Take a month or so to get there, spend a month or so moose hunting.
Retiring early was the best thing I ever did.

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