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May 17, 2020
Ok everyone, brand new member here.  Went elk hunting out in Colorado once last year and I am hooked.  I am going Mule Deer hunting in Wyoming this year with a buddy only because he's more of a deer hunter and I have just absolutely fallen for elk hunting.

I am an adult onset hunter in general but even more new to Elk.  So, please forgive my ignorance but I have to ask to learn right?

I hear people talk about "thermals" all the time.  Whats the deal?  When it increases in temperature then your scent will likely be pulled up?  My thinking here is things tend to rise or expand when warming so is the same true with scent?  If it cools down the. your scent will be fall downward into a canyon?

I am just guessing here based on the context that I've heard it talked about in and generally what I understand about the world.  Any further explanation or clarification anyone can offer would be much appreciated.

TIA - Ryan


Jul 10, 2017
In the mountains, the thermals will be going downhill in the morning. Then, as things warm up, the thermals will switch mid morning and start blowing up the hill. They?ll stay that way until things start to cool down later in the afternoon, when once again they?ll switch and go downhill.

That?s the basics of it. If you use the search function, you?ll find multiple threads on this that go into more detail if you?d like.


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Apr 23, 2013
In a very general way  ,hunt with the sun.hunt up(sun raising) in the morning and down in the evening (sun going down) [emoji106]

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