Trail camera rules in colorado


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May 30, 2013
Hey guys, I'm new to the trail camera thing. I have a buddy telling me that I have to pull my cameras down a week before season, is this true? Or is it that the cameras can stay up year around, but mineral licks and salt must be pulled 2 weeks before season? Also I know this should be able to be found in our regulation booklet...but it's not anywhere to be seen. Anyway best of luck!!!
Regulations state: "{it is illegal to} use the internet or other computer-assisted remote technology while hunting or fishing".  If your camera has GSM download capability it needs pulled before the season.  If it stores on a SD card and does not remotely transmit then it can stay up during season.  The salt issue is much more vague.  Hunting over salt that was placed there as part of a game camera set up is certainly illegal ({it is illegal to} usebait to hunt deer and elk..bait means salt, minerals, grain....."  Hunting over salt a rancher put out for livestock would be legal as its intent was not for big game.  In Idaho, I read in another forum, a wildlife officer commented that 1 month was his ruler to measure "active" versus "inactive" salt site that was pulled as part of a camera setup.  Unknown in Colorado how long an area would be "spoiled" for.

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