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Dec 28, 2012
Anyone on here use the Train to Hunt workouts and or compete at the Challenge events?
I really like how Kenton has them setup to help your shooting as well as physical fitness..
But I may be partial as I am helping with the television production of the show ;)
Did my first challenge event this summer. It was fun and challenging all around. I think the challenge events definitely skew towards the fast and furious when, at least for my experience, most of my backcountry hunts have more of an endurance theme. I don't know if the endurance side would be repeatable in a competition format or not. Regardless, I enjoyed meeting a bunch of like minded folks and I like the approach TTH has in melding fitness and archery. 
I did my first TTH this summer and will defiantly do another one next year. Good way to get yourself motivated to train and shoot throughout the spring and summer. Met some great people at the event and it pointed out my weaknesses in a big way. TTH is a great event for anyone that take hunting fitness and preparation seriously and are looking to improve their abilities as a hunter.
I did one of the competitions in 2014 and had fun.  The local one this year didn't align with my schedule.  Hoping to do one next year.  Definitely gets you prepping in the offseason.
I took a couple train to hunt classes when I was in Colorado. Following the routines and drills will no doubt get you ready for the high country elk hunts. Never completed in any of the train to hunt competitions.

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