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Jan 2, 2013
What is your take on buying used bows?  I would like a new bow but it just may not be in the budget this year.  I can get a top of the line bow(2 years ago z7) completly set up for half the cost of a new rig this year.  Just wondering how many people save thier money and buy used rather than new.
nothing wrong with buying used.  you're going to spend time and money getting a new or used bow tuned and setup for you, you may just have the added expense of some new strings.  but you can also score big on some awesome accessories that can be included with a used bow.  you can save a fortune if you're patient and can wait for the perfect deal.  good luck.
I have bought a few used bows on Archery Talk. You get some great 1 or 2 year old bows for a great price over there.
I have bought several used bows, just purchased a Mathew's Drenalin that's a 2009 model. Shoots great and came with accessories. If you can get it from someone local it is best. Ask how much they hunt and shoot, to determine how much use the bow had. Look at all the parts for chips,wear and if the string is waxed well...maintained.

I bought a switchback a few years ago from a guy that bought it new to deer hunt. He had it about a month and lost his lease on his hunt land. He kept the bow for another couple years just sitting in the bow case. I ran into him one day and he asked if I knew anyone that wanted to buy his bow. I did, it was me.. 8)
Well I just missed out on a z7 for 500 bucks with everything set up. :mad: guess i will keep my eyes open .
Nothing wrong with buying a used bow if money is tight or even if you dont want to spend that extra money on something new.
Bought my first bow at a pro-shop for $50. They made all their mine on accessories, arrows, etc. plus they got themselves a loyal patron.
Just remember that if you buy your bow online there is probably no warranty, and if you buy your bow from a pro shop, it is a lot easier to get them to work on it and set it up for you.
watch the archerytalk classifieds every hour (they go that fast sometimes).  check peoples feedback and I usually ask for a phone number and just call and talk to em (get a feel for the person I'm dealing with).  ask em a lot of questions about it (has it ever been dry fired, hunted with, etc.).  and I take it one step further.  Just to prove that they have the bow (it is a lot of money) I ask em to send me a picture of the bow in front of a certain object(that everyone has) that I pick, like an appliance(fridge, oven, washer, tv etc.).  Most people think it's weird when I ask this, but they all admit it is a good idea.
worked for me a used hoyt all set up last year save about  800$ and that paid for most of the elk mount it took last year.
Still using a bow I picked up 1 year old in 2009.  Probably due for something new but not in the cards right now.  I will no doubt be buying something pre owned when I do.  Just can't resist the 40-50% discount on a 1 year old bow.  And like others have said if the accessories are good you can really make out.

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