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Jan 26, 2013
A kidney stone.  Dang, who would think that a 4mm stone could cause so much trouble.  Started having pain after my workout last Tuesday.  Went to the ER and was diagnosed with my 1st stone.  It was lodged just above the bladder and the Dr. was sure I would pass it within 24 hours.  Well, when I developed a fever on Thursday I was hospitalized and got scoped on Friday afternoon.  The dang thing was lodged sideways and had damaged the ureter, thus the fever.  I'm home now but with other issues.  Seems the best antibiotic to combat post surgery infection is Keflex.  Well, now I can't get more than 10 feet from the bathroom.  And just when my training was peaking.  Y'all do a few extra reps and sets for me. 
Been there, Done that! And women think having a baby is rough :eek:  Hope you are feeling better now.
At least this happened now and not on the mountain. I wish you a speedy recovery.
I had 500mg Keflex to treat an infection around the stitches in my hand after a chainsaw chewed it up. It didn't seem to bother me, but everyone is different.

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