What arrow is everyone shooting for an elk set up?


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Dec 28, 2012
Last years arrow set-up, resulted in first arrow being a pass through and second arrow stopped with 4 inches of arrow sticking out. So they did good for me.

This year will be CX in a .300 spine, 100 grain brass insert and 250 Grizzly single bevel, 4 Blazer vanes. 21.8 FOC.  Weight is 675 and shooting 266 fps from a Mathews VXR.


Feb 6, 2013
27 1/2? FMJ 340 with Blazer 3 fletch, standard insert, BAR and 100 grain Stinger or ViperTrick. Weighs in at 490.


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Apr 23, 2013
Im shootimg a total 527 grains fmj arrows helix upfront.check out ranch fairy on youtube [emoji108]

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Apr 20, 2018
Made the mistake of reading ?Can?t Lose Bowhunting? by Jeremy Johnson and his ?Plan B? arrow concept. Just built Easton Axis Pro 260?s with 4 fletch Q2 Fusion vanes. Ethics Archery SS insert and collar with Kudu Contour+ 125 broadheads. 665 grains.  Very impressed with the tight tolerances on the Axis shafts and Ethics component system! 

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