What could I have done differently?


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Aug 8, 2017
i went to hunt Montana for the first time and spent a week and a half in the mountains. I had one encounter with an elk during the whole duration of my hunt, and I am trying to figure out why. They weren?t talking except for the very first evening, and one random bugle mid afternoon which led to our single encounter. Banking on activity in the mornings and evenings, we spent our afternoons trying different tactics. We took measures ranging from walking a snails pace for an entire day through the woods, sitting in an area littered with fresh elk sign, and bugling the whole day. I?m not really sure where we missed our mark. Any thoughts on what could be done from late morning to early evening that we didn?t cover? I?ve hunted New Mexico for the past four years and never really seemed to have an issue finding elk, although I?m yet to bring one home. What kind of tactics does the community think works best when bulls won?t talk?


Jun 13, 2017
Kind of a random question, but were you hunting from a truck? Camper? base camp? tent? etc?

Did you just have one spot picked out or a couple?

The one thing that I can think of is if it was dry for a couple of days I would have driven off to spot B, C, or D until I was in better sign or elk!


Jul 10, 2017
When you say 'littered with fresh elk sign' what do you mean? I think many folks have different interpretations of that.

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