what did you forget this year or wish you had?


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Dec 30, 2012
I'm getting good at keeping to my lists, so I did not forget anything. I wish I had more hunting partners with similar goals in mind .
This was the first year I can say that I didn't forget anything. Even when I was quartering out an elk I had everything in my pack that I was looking for and it was really nice considering it was dark and in the bottom of a canyon snowing like mad.
I did upgrade my headlamp though, the one I had was cheap , but it was a life saver.
Not this year, but last, I hunted Labor Day Weekend and upon my return, I had to tune my bow, so I took off my quiver and yep, on my subsequent 9 day hunt, showed up with the bow, some target arrows, extra blades and no quiver.  My buddy bailed me out with his extra quiver, but i spent 9 days trying to keep track of arrows falling out of an old, ill fitting quiver that cost me 2 arrows that I dropped and never found.  That will never happen again. :mad:
The one thing i wished i had was a better tube like the bully bull and the ability to grunt and chuckle.
i forgot game bags for the meat. i ended up using my camo shirts. this was a bad deal in two ways...1st the shirts ripped and 2nd the meat ended up getting dirty.
Nothing for me. I pack everything I own and leave extra and back up stuff locked up at base camp. That way an extra or dry pair of boots, warmer clothing, extra release, arrows, batteries, food and water are only a few miles away.
Drove up a ridge line in the jeep, got out to glass the valley below and took ten steps when a cow popped up from behind some sage and took off.  ALWAYS take your rifle.
I wish I had brought some different food. Protein bars are only good for the first few lunches and snacks during the day. I wish I had brought some tuna or chicken in an envelope, or some peanut butter. That being said, I otherwise had everything I needed.
I was good this year but a guy in one of our outfitters other camps forget his sleeping bag. It was a couple of days before the outfitter could get back up there with his bag. Not a good idea. Funny, that same group forgot what day they were to start their hunt and was a day late getting to camp.
Last year I forgot what day it was and came home a day early. Ten days with caring what day of the week it is will cause you to loose track. :)
i forgot to put my camera in my pack while deer hunting. Ended up killing a decent 3 point that died right on the edge of some rimrock. Would have been an awesome photo but i didnt have any camera with me.
Goggles - riding a quad on those dusty Arizona trails was an issue - will be fixed in 2013
Took my partners pickup one morning and forgot to put the packframes in the bed,i carry 2 in my truck that get loaded at home and stay there the entire elk season,i killed a bull that morning,luckily we were only 1 1/4 mile in,so we had to do the 'ol sling a quarter over your shoulder routine,3 guys 2 trips each.Camp was a 45 minute drive 1 way,so we elected to do it the hard way.