What vitamins

I take a lot of Ibuprohen... ;D
I take a can of Protein powder mix, not exactly a vitamin but is good to have since you are using so much energy.
!+1 on the profen, it is my lifeline ;D  i read that vitamin C helps to ward off muscle fatigue, so during season I am taking 2000-3000 units of it. for an energy boost while afield i like the GU Shots with caffeine, especially after that afternoon nap 8)
+1 on the ibuprofen. About day three I am feeling it and then a few ibuprofen and I am good to go day 4 thru 10. I always like the water mixes from EmergenC. I find it at a health food store. They have a few different flavors.
I use Orange Triad. It has everything including joint, digestive, immune, and so forth. bodybuilding.com

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