Who's with me??


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Jan 9, 2013
Who else has hit their fitness goals for this year??

I completed my first Spartan race in MT this year and had a finish time in the top 25.  I was down to 170 lbs this year and now that it's close to season packed on about ten extra pounds of mostly muscle to help pack out meat in two weeks (if the gods are with me)

Just feeling really good about this season right now.  who's with me??
Congrats on achieving your fitness goal, it is a great feeling to check that box.

I am almost there myself. I am about 6 lbs short of the final weight goal but more importantly my cholesterol numbers are back to normal and I feel as good if not better than when I was active military.

Good luck

Trained and finished a 52 mile mountain bike race (mostly single track) at the end of July.  11500 vertical feet that took 7 hrs and 36 mins to finish.  Had a great time and saw a lot of great country.  One of the more fun races I've done. 

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