Winter Workout?


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Dec 17, 2012
What are you fellow elk hunters doing for your winter workouts?  I like to hit the weights, do some snow shoeing, go on hikes up the mtn etc.  Just curious what you guys/gals are doing.
My off season workout is primarily dedicated to training for marathons and obstacle/mud runs.  I do strength training but since I live at approximately 560' I find it is more important for me to train my pulmonary system and vascular systems to allow for quicker recovery when climbing through the mountains.  In addition I enjoy riding mountain bikes with my son.
Three times a week I do my own personal workout of sit ups and push-ups. Then once or twice a week my wife and I go on walks around the neighborhood hills. Its good till the spring when I can start doing more stuff before it gets dark.
I run about 8-10 miles every week. Ruck a 25lb pack for about 6 miles a week and do push ups, sit ups about every other day. I am training for the GO-RUCK challenge coming to my town in a few months so I have been hitting it a little extra these past few weeks.
I usally eat everything I like during Thanksgiving and Christmas relaxing for the Holidays. Then starting January 1, it is workout as often as possible until elk season.
I do functional fitness mixed in with hiking, the row machine, and biking. The family and I do weekend hikes, snowshoeing  and such.
Run 2.5 miles M W F.  Lift 3 muscle groups T TH.  Weekend - Grouse Hunt, Hike/sometimes nothing.  Keeps me in good shape.  What helps is a regimented schedule.  Holidays/camp trips and other interruptions seems to throw everything off.
I drag my son to gym 4 nights a week.  We weight train each visit and alternate running and  biking every other trip.  I'll tell ya, being READY to chase the elk where ever they are on a moments notice is a big key to success.  I attribute being in the best shape of my adult life to my love for elk hunting and the desire to succeed!
Well.  Right now it's 12oz curls and reading Elk101 forums.  That needs to change quick though.  My youth made up for my slacking for a few years, but I will be 30 in less than a month.  Oh no!!!

Seriously though.  The plan is to get into biking more. I picked up running last year and started hitting personal bests.  But, the running wear and tear caught up to me and for awhile I seriously thought I injured a knee.  Biking doesn't have the same 'pounding' effect as running and the last thing I want is to fall apart before the season. Although, nothing beats a pack on the back and hiking the hills.
A lot of skiing in the winter and Insanity or TRX when on the road. Then start CrossFit again in the spring.
I work on a ranch which is a workout in itself.. I love to shed hunt as well and I try to run a few miles at least every other day.
stationary programable bike and the total gym ( yes chuck norris is correct) mwf
it is tought keeping the good weight on when you are over the hill....cant wait till spring...hiking,biking,scouting, and the 50lb pack 3x a week....