Bow carrying clip


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Jul 14, 2018
:?: I most likely missed the response, when Corey was demonstrating the the Cross Over Stabilizer, he mentions a clip on his pack for carrying his bow. Any one with information on this clip ?
Norma 6.5
I don't recall the clip you are referring to but it's been a while since I saw that video.  I use a bow hook that attaches to my pack belt so I can hook my bow on it when I want to glass or get a drink or whenever you want to free your hands.  Just google bow hook and you'll see what they are as they are really simple and usually less than $10.  These are not for carrying your bow while hiking.
That is what I was referring to as a bow hook.  It is typically not used to carry a bow while hiking but only to temporarily free both hands.  This hooks on your belt on a backpack.