Camo face paint?

I don't...personally, I just don't think having my face painted will be the difference in shooting an elk or not.
A few stripes under the eyes and the bridge of my nose. Don't know if it helps or not other than glare if I get caught in the sun but it is easier than wearing a mask with a dip in.
Here's a selfie I took after shooting my last bull... if that tells you anything.


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I don't I rock a standard big ol MT hunting beard. And in conjunction with my hat it keeps my skin fairly concealed. I've also used a super lightweight neck gator pulled over the bridge on my nose
Nope never liked face paint. After a couple of days I have a pretty good shadow growing.
I do not paint my face. If an animal is close enough to notice my face, its close enough for me to shoot. And even if it notices my face, their brains will probably not register it as threat.

By all means though, if it makes you feel more lethal then its probably well worth the time.
I don't while elk hunting but hunting Turkey or whitetail deer i ware a mesh face mask. Paint is just to messy.
I wear face paint, but as a 2 for 8 hunter, dont consider me the gold standard! 

not having face paint wouldnt have kept me from getting those two, either.
I have been putting camo on my face since I have been bow hunting for elk. So far I have been fairly successful so I am confident that it isn't hurting me. I will say that if it buys me an additional 2 seconds before I am totally busted then it works. It does keep me from getting sunburned and makes me feel more confident in my concealment, so im going to keep using it.

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