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This is probably a dumb question, but one of the GMU's that i've hunted in a lot, Unit 45 is now OTC  Bull only for Archery, can I use that OTC Bull only tag in other OTC units?

I dont believe so - the OTC Bull Only Licenses have their own hunt code - EM044U1A
Thanks, that's what I was afraid of and how I was reading it as well. Last year I didn't spend much time in that unit, but do like it as a fall back because it isn't incredibly far from home. Not to mention I like backpacking around that area.
From the CPW - to confirm

Thank you for contacting Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Unfortunately the OTC Antlered Archery tag for units 44, 45, 47, and 444 is valid only in those 4 units and would not be valid to be used in the other OTC Either Sex Archery Units.

Thanks again for your inquiry. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions!
Joshua BauerCommunication Center Wildlife Team LeadDNR- Assistant Fishing Reporter

Haha, I was just coming back to post the same, or similar email. I also reached out to CPW, and received a very similar response. I'm definitely bummed by it.
adieatrick said:
So does this mean that the either sex tag OTC is not valid in these units?

Yes, and vice versa, the Bull only OTC tag for 44,45,47, and 444 is not valid in other OTC units.
I thought so, just wanted to confirm. We have hunted these units before, and kicked it around again for this year...guess it's onto plan B!
I mean....don't get me wrong. I would love to shoot a bull every year out, but there is something about a big fat cow within bow range I can't just say no  :dance2:
adieatrick said:
I mean....don't get me wrong. I would love to shoot a bull every year out, but there is something about a big fat cow within bow range I can't just say no  :dance2:

I have that issue with any elk in range 😂
Luv me some cow elk


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cnelk said:
Luv me some cow elk

Put me in this group! I?m hoping to take at least one cow this year with a rifle tag and if a cow comes within range during my archery hunt, I?d have zero issue taking one then as well. Two cows in the freezer would be an awesome year!
I just saw this morning that NR have to either purchase a spring turkey license for $151.75 or a small game license for $81.75 in order to apply for the big game draw! What a bunch of BS!! Figure in the $9.00 application fee you?re out 90.75 just to apply.
Residents now have to do the same...the prices are lower, but I thought that was pretty interesting.
Tecumseh, I feel your pain even more as I was a CO resident for 20+ years but a NR this past fall for the first time.

Add in the NR increases and this is my last year hunting elk in CO.  Just can't justify  $2000-2500 for a week of hunting when half of that will get me an annual whitetail lease in OK.

But, there are thousands and thousands of NR who will continue to pay so don't expect the increases to stop any time soon.  May slow down but will keep going up because there isn't a single branch of a government that knows how to do a budget or apparently even understand simple economics.

Oh, well, it was a good run while it lasted!  Going to miss my elk steaks and burgers.

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