Covering your face

September Beard. 
I do facepaint too but mostly for fun. I try to make myself look like duck dynasty.  Facemask or paint doesn't seem to matter IMHO
They are hard to find now, but I love spandoflage facemasks

They fit tight to the face. They are cool in heat and warm in the cold. They do not flap to effect hearing. Nothing to wash off and they give you that Ninja
War paint is intimidating to other hunters an they turn the other way lol. I use hardy paint from Walmart
Fear the beard!  When I wore them, I never seemed to remember to bring it up during the encounter.  I figure my face will be behind my bow anyway...
I keep a primos stretch fit face mask around my neck and pull it up when animals are close. I always think I can?t hear as well with something (no matter how thin) over my ears. Even if I don?t get an opportunity to cover my face, it still covers my neck, which helps.
I wear a camo buff headgear around my neck to keep bugs and sun off. Then it's handy to pull up when you get close. Also serves as a beanie or dew rag as circumstances dictate.

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I go with three options:

1) Face mask when it's cold
2) Paint when I'm bored...for fun
3) Beard only after about day 3
I use paint, mainly just to cover the brightness of skin. Tried masks but hated them, to hot, cumbersome and never felt like I got my anchor point well.  I also try to wear light weight gloves to cover my hands. 
As long as I've hunted I've never used a mask or face paint... As long as I remember I've had a beard and yes it was gray back then too... I always wear a billed cap to cover my bald head and my glasses or sun glasses.... I'll have to say I've never killed a trophy class critter but I ain't never been a trophy hunter either... 
I paint up with carbo mask.  Comes off easily with wet wipe and doesn?t clog pours.  With that said I have always done it and always will.  Probably don?t need to it?s just part of my routine.