Exo 3500 or exo 2000?


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Jun 13, 2016
Alright I'm pretty much sold on the exo, but choosing gear can never be easy. I'm stuck between the exo 3500 and the exo 2000.  Anybody with personal experience between the two help out with an opinion ? Thanksort to all
correct me if I'm wrong (don't own an exo) but isn't it just a matter of picking which size suits your needs? I think it's the same frame just 1500 cu/in difference in space. If you're extended overnight in the back country I'd want a little bigger than either of these, although the 3500 could probably get you through a 2 night excursion. Both I'm sure are excellent as day packs, just a matter of how much pack you need.

Personally (I have no vested interest in EXO, everything I hear they're great packs but I have more packs/frames than I'll wear out ina  lifetime so I'm not likely to buy another anytime soon) if it were me I'd get their 5000cu/in bag and their 2000 and you'd ahve all your bases covered for long trips into the backcountry to short day trips and everything in between.
What are you wanting the pack to do the most. That will help determine the size you need.

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What I need the most is the ability to pack meat and do it comfortably. So it's down to bag size ...
If you use the shelf which (I would imagine) 99% of people with this pack will do, then it's a moot point. boned out or in, you'll probably look to use the shelf over in the bag, and boned in you'll have a hard time even fitting a full quarter into a 3000 cu/in bag.... I'd use the shelf
I have both the 2000 and 3500. They use the same frame you just switch out the bags depending on your plans. I use the 2000 as my day pack and up to 3 days in the woods anything longer I switch it out for the 3500. Both will carry more weight then any one person should carry out of the woods. So if you are just hunting from a base camp and come back every night just go with the 2000. If you are going to pack into a spike camp and hunt from there or bivy hunt and need to carry all your gear each day then go with the 3500 or 5000. I hunt ultra light and I can fit all my gear in the 3500 for 2+ weeks. If you plan to bivy hunt and your gear is somewhat bulky then go up to the 5000. If you have any specific questions feel free to PM me. Also buglelk has both the 2000 and 3500 and could give you some input.
thank  you very much  that was the kind of input i was looking for thanks Heath74  pretty sure ive made my mind up now 
I have the 3500. You can do everything with it. I use it for day hunts and have used it for 7 day backpack hunts. You do have to be relatively efficient at packing for longer trips like that, but I look at that as a good thing...kinda makes me decide on what's really important and what can stay behind. If I had a bigger pack I think I would just end up bringing more stuff than I need. I really like some of the accessories...like the meat hauler/beaver tail attachment on the frame, great for hauling meat...like the water bladder holder with the straps so can use it by itself...like the interior velcro pocket, I have one in the lid and it's really nice for smaller items...like the zipper pocket that attaches to the waist...would NOT buy the weapon carrier. You can easily strap your bow on the pack without it. Buy this pack, you will not regret it.

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